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Spreadsheets for RC Design as per Indian Codes, have been developed by Mr.N.Prabhakar, Chartered Structural Engineer, Vasai (E), Thane Dist., Maharashtra, India.

Version 2 of the Software released in Feb. 2009, contains 22 nos. Excel spreadsheets for various structural elements commonly encountered in a design office, viz. Two-way and Single-way Slabs, Flat Slab, Continuous Beam analysis, T/ L/ Rectangular Beams, Corbel, Rectangular/Circular Columns subjected to Uniaxial/Biaxial moments including slenderness effect, Effective Length of Columns, Column Footings-individual and combined, Pile Caps for 2/3/4/5 piles, Annular Sections with and without openings, Liquid-retaining structural elements, Cantilever Retaining Wall, Stairs of types -Simple/Saw tooth/Free standing/Helical, Crack Width calculation, Sectional Properties of any shape, Ductile detailing and miscellaneous design data.

Ten cases can be designed at a time for most structural elements. The spreadsheets are presented in a tabular form, and the print-outs are in suitable format for record/submission purpose The results are more accurate than those by using charts and tables. It is fast, practical, and a useful tool for the design of structural elements.


PRICE Rs. 5,000/- for RC Design Software

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